Monday, 18 March 2013

How to prevent or ease foot pain

Recently I have been having severe foot cramps and pain in my feet. So i decided to research on the internet to find out a way to try and stop this from happening. In this article i will be explaining what i found out and how I eased my foot pain.

Right, I will first explain a common problem plantar faciitis that can be caused by inflammation of the plantar fascia which is basically the arch and sole bit of your feet.
The common problem is plantar faciitis which actually effect 1 in 100 people worldwide and it is mainly down to a simple thing as not wearing the right fitting shoes, or not even having the correct supports inserted or built into your insoles.
Regular insoles are not enough i say this because regular insoles are not purpose built for proper arch support or even comfort for that matter (maybe this is don't because of expense?).
Anyway just think for a moment about the shape of your feet they are not flat are they? In actual fact they have a slight arch in them... now this arch must support both your body weight and the pressure you put on it when you walk, over time this arch may weaken as you get older increasing the risk of inflammation and the tearing of this arch when this happens you develop something that is know as plantar faciitis. It is curable but it can take quite a long time to totally repair itself. So it is quite a good idea to make sure you avoid this happening in the first place. As we all know that it is quite impossible to avoid getting older and our body's do weaken as we get older but by wearing orthotic insoles you can strengthen the muscles around the plantar fascia and heel thus helping to prevent tearing and damaging. Not only does it strengthen you foot but also the orthotic insole help to stabilize you foot in the correct position meaning the risk of tearing is also reduced further.

Orthotic insoles dont just provide support for your arch, they also provide a cushion that absorbs shocks from when you walk or run that could otherwise proove to be "damaging". Plus when ever you stand you must consider that on your heel a pressure can build in one position and we all know what happens if you focus a pressure on something let say a corner of a window for instance... eventually it breaks, this principal can be very much be said for your heel as well. But syaing that orthotic insoles will spread this pressure so that it is evenly spread out through out your foot and not focused on one point instead.

Orthotic insoles are a clever way that can help anyone who is looking for a way to prevent or ease there foot pain.

So far after wearing orthotic insoles i have found that they have dramatically reduced my foot pain and i no longer get cramps in my feet.

I originally found out about orthotics here <- It is worth a read if you are still unsure about what orthotics do and how they can help.

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